My DEBUT ALBUM is out!

I have been working on my debut album

"This is a Promise" for the last couple of years, which resulted in nine songs filled with warmth, confidence, doubts and prayers.

1. 100 Kinds of Love

2. Can't Feel the Rain

3. Look for the Love

4. Land on a Star

5.Hold Me

6.Will you Let Me in?

7. All I Need to Know

8. If You Promise to Stay

9. Wrong

albumcover this is a promise.png

I wanna give a big THANK YOU to my team;

Leif Johansen; who produced and mastered this record.

Oskar Holldorff; pianist and my "go-to-musician", we also worked on the arrangements together.

Torje Ørjasæter Breidablik; my brother and incredible drummer.

Backup singers; Guro Røvik Marstad, Ida Helena Brynildsen, Birgitte Hellwig, Nora Ring Johansen, Marie Nordset Fagereng.

Guitarist: Joachim "Joe" Henriksen

Brass instruments: Tom "Bones" Malone